Arts and humanities category includes all items related to the art. If you want to write about a play, a painting, a sculpture or a museum you must submit your article in this category. Articles relating to letters, contemporary authors or literature's classics are also included in this category.

Arts and humanities

What is art?

Art is a human occupation from immemorial time. Since the first cave paintings dating from prehistory to contemporary works, mankind always used this form of expression that is to dispose items with each other in order to provoke an emotion.

There are several disciplines in art, one side classical arts (fine arts) that are painting, music, sculpture, dance and literature. One the other side, disciplines whose practices have evolved into an artistic sense such as cooking, film, printmaking, comics, and all new digital works.

In the classic definition, art could be compared to the production of objects by artists that a group of observers agrees to find beautiful or provoking an emotion. This definition is not valid in contemporary art or modern art in which art is seen as a reflection of period.

About literature

Literature is a collection of works written or oral with aesthetic appeal. It is a form of communication in which we find stylistic effects designed to make the viewer (listener or reader in this art form) react emotionally. The study of literature is not limited to observe the subtleties of the language used by the author as the meaning is an important part in creating a work of literature.

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