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Beauty and personal care


For ages, cosmetics are used to highlight and take care of the body. Cosmetics products are used to protect, clean or perfuming various body parts.

In the family of cosmetic products we can find:

  • hygienic products: shower gel, cleanser, soap, toothpaste
  • facials: masks and other moisturizers
  • body care: oil, creams and scrubs
  • hair products: hair conditioner, gel, hairspray
  • makeup: eyeliner, concealer and foundation
  • sunscreens and treatment for sunburn
  • perfumes
  • depilatory products and other shaving products
  • bath products like bubble baths and baths salts

Cosmetology, is a set of techniques and methods to make our body resplendent. Treatments range from the simple application of a product on the skin to cosmetic surgery through the famous skin peeling.


Fitness groups all sports participating in a soft body maintenance and a healthier lifestyle. Unlike bodybuilding, fitness purpose is not to develop large muscle but to maintain the body through regular athletic activity.

Fitness training can take several forms:

  • Group training, often with music, like step or aerobics
  • Cardio training, which aim to improve endurance. They are often practiced indoor with machines like steppers or cycles
  • Strength training with or without weights


Diet is a change in dietary habits in order to lose weight. The key principle is to reduce the amount of energy supplied to the body to draw on its energy (fat). There are many different diets, each with their specifics, some are based on calorie reduction, other on a reduced fat or carbohydrates, which often results in an excess of protein. Extreme diets can cause deficiencies and it is advisable not to follow this kind of diet too long.

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